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Elevate Your Comfort with the Classic Series 28AB78 Chair

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Quick Overview:Introducing the Classic Series 28AB78 chair - a perfect fusion of style, comfort, and durability. Crafted to cater to your seating needs, this chair boasts a standout feature - its plush upholstery in Net Fabric, thoughtfully paired with a core of high-density foam for an exceptionally cozy and supportive experience.

ntroducing the Classic Series 28AB78 Chair – where innovation meets elegance to redefine your seating experience. Dive into an oasis of relaxation and support with its hallmark feature: Net Fabric upholstery seamlessly coupled with a core of high-density foam.

Unparalleled Comfort: The Classic Series 28AB78 Chair wraps you in comfort, thanks to its premium Net Fabric upholstery. This fabric not only adds a touch of modern sophistication but also ensures breathability, keeping you cool and collected during prolonged work sessions or gaming marathons. Nestled within is a high-density foam core that cradles your body in luxurious coziness.

Adaptive Armrests: Not just functional, the chair's armrests are designed with aesthetics and ergonomics in mind. With a painted finish and flip-up functionality, they are adjustable to your liking. What sets them apart is the top padding, offering a soft and supportive sanctuary for your arms, making every task an effortless pleasure.

Personalized Ergonomics: Customize your seating experience with the tension tilt mechanism. Whether you need to sit upright for focused productivity or recline for a brief moment of relaxation, this chair adapts to your every whim, ensuring that your posture remains impeccable throughout the day.

Certified Stability: Safety and durability are paramount. The chair is equipped with a 100mm traveling gas cylinder, endorsed by both BIFMA and SGS, guaranteeing unwavering stability and security. Its sturdy 330mm Nylon Five-Star base further reinforces its stability, granting you peace of mind while you work or play.

Effortless Mobility: The chair effortlessly glides on hooded nylon castors, ensuring seamless and quiet movement. Navigate your workspace with ease, confident that these castors are designed to preserve your flooring.

Impressive Load Capacity: With a remarkable load capacity of 250lbs (114kg), this chair accommodates users of diverse sizes and body types, underscoring its robust construction and extended lifespan.

In summary, the Classic Series 28AB78 Chair is the ultimate choice for a seating solution that harmonizes style, opulence, and functionality. With its Net Fabric upholstery, ergonomic attributes, and certified stability, it offers an unrivaled seating experience for both work and leisure. Elevate your comfort and productivity with a chair that not only understands but also anticipates your needs.


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